Program Description

Seadrunar is a residential substance use treatment program. Seadrunar, founded in 1969, was the first residential drug and alcohol treatment center for substance use disorder in the Seattle area. Seadrunar is a reality therapy program which utilizes peer support milieu and behavior modification techniques.


Recycling Project

Individuals wanting to gain additional pre-employment, life skills in a structured business oriented atmosphere, may participate at the recycling center. Those individuals will be evaluated by clinical staff, to ensure individual is adequately adjusted in residential treatment, participation aligns with treatment plan goals and individual as no limitations that would prohibit safe participation.

Long Term Residential (LTR)

An individual entering LTR will experience a 60 day blackout period. During the blackout period, the individual will have no contact with anyone outside the facility unless it is an emergency, communication with children or for legal, medical and dental appointments. After completing the blackout period individuals are allowed three phone calls per week. These phone calls are approved by staff and must be made with the support of another individual that has been assigned by staff. Individuals off their blackout will also be able to receive and send at total of 3 letters per week. Incoming mail must be opened in the presence of clinical staff and outgoing mail must be approved by clinical staff. Mail to and from correctional facilities will not be allowed. While in LTR, individuals attending outside appointments will be accompanied by a senior support unless otherwise approved by staff. An individual leaving the facility alone or without permission from staff will be considered aborting treatment. Individuals are not allowed to have money on their person unless authorized by staff. Individuals attend group therapy sessions, education/concept seminars, and monthly individual counseling sessions.


Recovery House

Individuals will experience a gradual re-entry period. Individuals are allowed three phone calls per week and mail will still be allowed following the LTR guidelines. Individuals attend group therapy sessions, education/concept seminars and monthly individual counseling sessions. Work, social and academic guidance counseling will be a focus. Passes will be approved and monitored by staff. Day passes for the purpose of socialization will be granted when appropriate based upon evaluation by staff. Weekend passes will be granted to individuals gainfully employed or enrolled in school upon evaluation by staff. Visitation will be allowed at scheduled times and at the discretion of staff. Criteria for an individual to complete treatment are as follows: establish outside recovery support system, gainful employment, approved living arrangements and financial stability. The aftercare plan will be a joint effort of the individual and their primary counselor throughout ASAM level 3.1 and will be finalized in the last individual counseling session.


After Care

The aftercare plan will be a minimum of six months and will include a minimum of one group therapy session per week and three individual counseling sessions. Individuals in aftercare will provide a current address and phone number. Services may be increased to include in-person and phone contact if their aftercare plan is not being met. If the individual will not be participating in our aftercare plan, staff will facilitate referral through appropriate agencies to establish a plan with the same minimum requirements.