About Seattle Drug & Narcotic Center, Inc.

Seattle Drug & Narcotic Center, Inc. (Seadrunar) was founded in 1968 by Nan Busby, a recovered addict who became a strong advocate for people struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. When she opened Seadrunar it was the first residential drug treatment facility of its kind in the Northwest.  Since then, Seadrunar has helped more than 8,000 men and women fight addiction.

Seadrunar’s facilities include a residential treatment center, a family services center for clients’ children and an aftercare 12-unit apartment complex for select clients who have completed treatment. A work therapy program is also available at the Seadrunar Recycling plant in the Georgetown area of Seattle.

Our Mission

Seadrunar is a non-profit corporation that provides individuals with chronic substance use disorder withdrawal management services, long term residential treatment and aftercare in a safe, supportive and healthy environment that promotes self-sufficiency, emotional growth, personal accountability and personal values enhancement.

Our goal is to change lives one at a time through modeling, educating and supporting individuals on their road to recovery.