The Seadrunar Program: Addicts Helping Addicts

Seadrunar offers a residential drug and alcohol treatment program based on the therapeutic community model, in which addicts in recovery and professional counselors help clients identify destructive behavioral patterns, learn new coping skills and gain self-respect. Our treatment facility is divided into male and female wings, each set up like a family, where clients learn to function in a structured daily life. Everyone shares responsibilities, from cooking and laundry to cleaning and maintenance. In this supportive, home-like environment, Seadrunar helps clients modify the dysfunctional behaviors that are barriers to their return to normalcy. Clients are also offered the opportunity to volunteer for work therapy at Seadrunar Recycling, where they’ll gain on-the-job skills and work experience that will improve their chances for successful employment after treatment.

Giving Back By Helping Others

All Seadrunar clients are monitored 24 hours a day by qualified, live-in staff. Most of our staff members have successfully completed the program themselves and want to give back by helping others.

Our staff measures success and supports clients every step of the way. Each client receives an Intake Evaluation/Assessment upon admission and a Treatment Plan/Problem List within five days. One-on-one counseling sessions provide guidance. Seadrunar encourages  an attitude of openness and a willingness to work on problems. This positive attitude, along with measuring the small successes along the way as clients accomplish goals, contributes to advancement in the program.