Frequently Asked Questions



Persons must have drug/alcohol or drug/alcohol related problems. Acceptable age is 18 and above. Persons with histories of mental illness will be required to send a copy of a recent (six months or less) psychiatric evaluation. Persons showing current dependence on barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and/or alcohol will be required to be detoxed before entering. Persons with a history of sexual violence and registered as a sex offender will not be accepted.


How to Apply:

Long-Term Residential

Withdrawl Management Services


Any client not Medicaid eligible, that does not meet the federal low-income requirements, will be charged a daily rate of $69.60.



Up to 110 adults and children



The Seadrunar facility has accommodations for clients’ children from birth to age 12.


What to Bring:

List of what to bring


Seadrunar is a smoke/tobacco free facility. No tobacco products are permitted on the property.